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WooCommerce Display Products Previously Ordered by UserOne of the best things about supporting our bestselling WooCommerce Product Table plugin is listening to new feature requests. Sometimes it’s obvious whether a particular feature will be popular. Other times, people come up with interesting ideas and we need more information to help us decide.

One such example is a recent request to use WooCommerce to display products previously ordered by the logged in user.

A few people have recently asked how to display all products purchased by the user who is currently logged in. I’m writing this post to ask who else would be interested in this feature. This will help us to gauge the demand. Depending on the outcome, we may add it to WooCommerce Product Table in future.

How would WooCommerce Product Table display products previously ordered by user?

Show WooCommerce products previously ordered

The idea is that the customer would either login to their WooCommerce account, or view a dynamic ‘My Previous Products’ page which shows different products depending on the user. The page would include a WooCommerce Product Table listing all products previously ordered by that user.

This is different from listing previous orders, because the products wouldn’t be structured by order. Instead, the WooCommerce table would display all products that the customer has ever ordered. It would display each previous product only once, even if the user has ordered it multiple times.

The user would view the list of products previously ordered, search/sort/filter the list as needed to find what they want to re-order, tick the relevant products and add them to the cart. They could then click through to the WooCommerce cart and checkout as usual.

Can’t I just use a WooCommerce Repeat Orders plugin?

Before telling us whether you’d like to see this feature in WooCommerce Product Table, I’ll tell you what’s already available elsewhere.

There are WooCommerce Re-Order plugins available that add an ‘Order Again’ button to the list of orders in the WooCommerce Account page. Users can click this button to add the same products to the cart, creating a quick way to duplicate a previous order.

If that’s what you want, then I recommend the WooCommerce Repeat Order Button plugin. This seems to be better than any of the paid ones.

The proposed new feature for WooCommerce Product Table is different because it doesn’t list previous products by order. Instead, it would display products previously purchased by the user who is currently logged in, separate from their previous orders. The customer doesn’t have to remember when they previously ordered each product. They just need to use the search, sort and filter functions to quickly find their favorite products, add them to the cart, and create a brand new order based on their previous products.

Interested in this feature? Tell us now!

WooCommerce Product Table doesn’t currently have the ability to show products that the current user has previously purchased. You can display specific products based on data such as their category, tag and much more, but not based on the logged in user’s past orders.

We’d love to know if you’d like this feature for your own website. To contact us, please complete our feature request form telling us that you would be interested in using WooCommerce Product Table to display products previously ordered by the current user. We will use this to monitor the amount of demand and decide whether to add this in future.


How to display customers’ previous orders in the meantime

If you really can’t wait, then here are some suggestions on how to achieve something similar straight away. There are 2 ways to do this.

Option 1 – Use a custom taxonomy to display each customer’s favorite products

Right now, it’s not possible to use WooCommerce Product Table to automatically list users’ previous orders in a table. Instead, you can do this manually by creating a custom taxonomy, tagging each customer’s regular products, and creating a separate product table for each person. This is how to do it:

  1. Use the instructions in this tutorial to create a custom taxonomy called ‘Customer’.
  2. Edit each product and you will see a new ‘Customer’ area on the right hand side of the screen. Use this add the name or ID of all the customers who have purchased this product. You will need to do this regularly, as it’s not possible to do it automatically at the moment.
  3. Now, install the free User Specific Content plugin. Create a separate page for each customer and use this plugin to restrict it so that only they can see it.
  4. Add a product table to each customer’s personal ordering page. Use the term option to list products that you have tagged with their name in the table. For example, your product table shortcode might look like this:[product_table term="customer:user467"]
  5. Send each customer a link to their private ordering page.
Customer review display customers previous orders
Pete Griffiths bought WooCommerce Product Table to display customers’ previous reviews using Method 1

Option 2 – Bespoke development

If you want it to happen automatically, then you will need to hire a developer to build this as a bespoke feature on top of WooCommerce Product Table. We have partnered with Codeable to provide customization services for our plugins. Post a job on Codeable and wait for their pre-approved WordPress experts to send you a quote.

Need professional assistance?

We've partnered with Codeable to provide our customers with expert help if required.

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  1. tim
    August 19, 2019 Reply

    yes I would like this feature as well! We would definitely order this plugin when this feature is included.

    • EJ
      August 19, 2019 Reply

      Hi, Tim. Thanks for letting us know! I have added your "vote" for this feature and we will let you know if we add this in future. Many thanks.

  2. mirko terranova
    June 10, 2019 Reply

    hi, you can request a plugin change to add a filter to the products table for display products previously ordered by user

    • EJ
      June 10, 2019 Reply

      Hi, Mirko. Thanks for submitting a Feature Request to display products previously ordered or purchased. I added your ‘vote’ for this feature when you submitted a Plugin Feature Request Form the other week. We will let you know if we add this in future.

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