Sell More Products with a WooCommerce Order Form Plugin

WooCommerce Order Form PluginPeople keep telling me that our Product Table plugin is the best WooCommerce order form plugin around.

With nearly 2 million websites running WooCommerce, lots of stores are using quick order forms to get more sales. Customers can view products Here’s why the Product Table plugin is so popular for creating bulk order forms for WooCommerce.

WooCommerce order form plugin demo

See it in action! Visit our WooCommerce order form demo.


What is a WooCommerce order form?

By default, WooCommerce displays e-commerce products in a standard format where each product uses quite a bit of space.

A typical store layout has a grid format with about 3 products per row, each with a large featured image, title, short description, price and Add to Cart button. Customers would normally click through to the single product page to read more information and add it to their shopping cart.

A WooCommerce order form is an alternative way to list products. They’re presented in a structured table format – often with extra features such as sort options and filters – which is much more compact. Each product takes up a single row in the table, and any images are much smaller.

An order form plugin lets you list many more products on a single page. Instead of clicking through to the single product page, customers can select variations, select the quantity and add to cart straight from the WooCommerce order form.

Both the traditional category layout and order form/table view use the WooCommerce cart and checkout. Once a customer has chosen their products, the process for placing an order is the same either way. The difference is how the products are presented in the first place. This is a key part of the process as it’s the point when customers are exploring your products and making buying decisions. The layout can therefore have a big impact on your sales and conversion rates.

Here’s an image comparing the two layout options for listing WooCommerce products. You can see how a WooCommerce order form plugin makes much better use of space than a traditional store layout. With the product table, you can literally fit twice as many products into the same amount of space. It even fits in extra features such as filter dropdowns, a search box, sorting and the ability to select quantities and variations.

WooCommerce product order form layout

What sort of websites need a WooCommerce order form plugin?

A quick order form plugin is a good idea for any WooCommerce store where customers want to quickly choose from a long list of products. This might apply to many types of website, including:

  • WooCommerce wholesale order form – Trade customers typically make regular orders of products they’re already familiar with. A compact wholesale order form lets them quickly select their products from a table and instantly add to cart. It’s more efficient for wholesale users than a more traditional WooCommerce product layout which is too visual and spaced out. You can use it with other plugins such as WooCommerce Password Protected Categories to hide a whole WooCommerce store and make your products private. You can even have a central WooCommerce customer login page for your wholesale store.
  • Large product directory – A lot of our WooCommerce Product Table plugin users have HUGE e-commerce stores with thousands of products. A WooCommerce quick order form plugin is a good way to list large numbers of products in a directory structure. For example, one website uses WooCommerce Product Table to display thousands of ball bearings for sale. Customers can use the filters to find the type of ball bearing they require based on product attributes such as size and colour. They can then add to cart and buy online. This would be a cumbersome process using the traditional WooCommerce shop layout. Not to mention that large pictures of ball bearings would seem quite strange, so a product table seems more appropriate! (Check out our tutorial on how to create a WooCommerce product catalogue.)
  • Online restaurant order form – A food ordering website such as pizza delivery will benefit from a table layout for their foods. The traditional WooCommerce layout would be very strange to someone wanting to order food online! A WooCommerce order form replicates a physical menu much more closely and is how people would expect to order fast food. Check out our tutorial and video on how to create an online food ordering system for a restaurant.
  • WooCommerce bulk order form – Similar to a wholesale order form, a WooCommerce bulk order form is useful for ordering large quantities of products. If a customer is buying products in bulk, they won’t want to browse through the standard WooCommerce layout. A product table is perfect as a bulk order form because they can quickly order as many products as they like.
  • ‘Build your own product’ configurator – Lots of WooCommerce websites let products choose multiple items from a list to build a box, create their own pizza, build a luxury hamper, or similar. A WooCommerce order form is ideal for the ‘build a product’ format. Customers can select items from a list and add to cart in a single click.

WooCommerce quick order form

Check out our top 10 tips on using WooCommerce order forms to improve your conversion rate optimisation.

Which WooCommerce stores don’t need a quick order form?

A WooCommerce order form plugin isn’t for everyone. An order form may not be the best layout if:

  • You only have a few products.
  • You sell highly visual products such as clothes that will benefit from big images or multiple images.
  • Customers need to spend a long time reading detailed information about your products before deciding to buy.

These things don’t necessarily mean that an order form is wrong for your website. WooCommerce Product Table lets you create an order form where customers can click through to the single page, and you can increase the size of the product images. However if you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to any of these points then it’s worth thinking through the pros and cons of each layout.

What features will my WooCommerce order form have?

As I said at the start of this article, I think WooCommerce Product Table is the best way to create a quick order form. That’s because it comes with all the features that you need to build a professional order form for any WooCommerce website.

You can see a full list of what’s possible in the product table knowledge base. Here’s a summary of the main features that are useful for online order forms:

Choose which information appears on the order form

The WooCommerce Product Table plugin lets you control which columns appear in your order form table. You can display various data about your products including SKU, ID, name, description, short description, date, categories, tags, image, reviews, stock, weight, dimensions, price and Add to Cart button. The plugin supports product attributes and custom fields as separate columns in the table – e.g. size or colour.

You can choose whether the Add to Cart column includes product variations and quantity selector, or whether you want customers to click through to the single product page to view the variations. And if you’re using the official Product Add-Ons plugin, then the add-ons will appear in the WooCommerce order form too.

Use filters to help customers find your products

The WooCommerce order form can include filter dropdowns above the table. This lets customers filter by category, tag or attribute. You can either include all possible filters or choose specific ones to appear.

Disable the WooCommerce single product page

By default, customers can click on a product title or image in the order form to view a separate page for each product. Most WooCommerce order forms don’t need this feature. You can disable these links if needed so that the only way to view a product is on the order form page.

Change the order of the products in the table

You can choose how the products on the order form are sorted by default. Customers can also sort the products by clicking on a column header.

Choose which products are included in the order form

By default, the plugin lists all your products on the WooCommerce order form. If you don’t want this then you can include specific products by their ID, categories or tags. You can also exclude products by ID or category.

Control the number of products per page

Your order form can be as short or as long as you like. Simply choose how many products appear on each page before pagination links appear at the bottom. (You can even choose the style of pagination buttons, or display all your products so that no pagination is needed.)

Lazy load option improves performance on big WooCommerce stores

The plugin comes with a lazy load option to speed up the order form load time for WooCommerce stores with many products. This uses Ajax to load products one page at a time, so if you have thousands of products then this makes a big difference.

Control your order form column widths, image size etc.

WooCommerce Product Table will automatically choose an appropriate size for each column and your product images (if you’re displaying them). You can override these to control the column widths, responsive priorities, description length, image size etc.

Divide your WooCommerce order form into sections

You can add multiple product tables per page. To create a multi-section order form, simply add a subheading for each section followed by a table displaying products from a specific category.

As you can see, the Product Table Plugin is perfect for creating quick-to-use, fully flexible WooCommerce order forms. Try it out for your website! I’d love to see how you use it to create order forms, please drop us a line or leave a link to your website in the comments below. If we like it enough, we might even link to it from the WooCommerce Product Table showcase!

Skip the cart & automatically redirect customers to the checkout

The whole point of a one-page WooCommerce order form is to make the buying process quick and easy. With this in mind, you might want to skip the cart completely and take people straight to the checkout when they add products to the cart.

This is very easy to do – please see the instructions in the knowledge base.

Add multiple payment gateways

Your WooCommerce order form will make more sales if you provide a choice of payment methods. Some customers like to pay online via PayPal, some prefer credit or debit card, and others want to pay later via invoice.

WooCommerce lets you add as many payment methods as you like. This includes PayPal, credit card (via a payment processor such as Stripe), and offline payment options such as Cash on Delivery or Cheque. Use Payments section of the official WooCommerce documentation to set them up.

It’s not immediately obvious how to set up payment by invoice. However, it’s actually really easy. Just choose ‘Cash on delivery’, ‘Cheque’ or ‘BACS’, rename it to ‘Pay By Invoice’ and change the wording to instruct customers to add their invoice details.

See a quick order form in action

We’ve created a demo site of a WooCommerce quick order form so you can see it in action.

How to create a WooCommerce order form

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to create your order form. You can watch me create the exact order form shown on the demo site. Then do the same on your WooCommerce site!

Now it’s your turn!

I’d love to hear which method you used to create a WooCommerce order form. What sort of products does your order form include? Does it really make the buying process quicker for customers! Please add your comments below.

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