WooCommerce Product Table now supports Attributes & Variations

WooCommerce product table with attributes and variationsSince its launch in October 2016, WooCommerce Product Table has quickly become our bestselling WordPress plugin. Today we’ve launched a new version of the table view plugin which supports product attributes and variable products.

More customers have requested support for attributes and variations than any other feature, so we’ve made this a priority.

As well as listing WooCommerce products in a searchable table view, you can now:

Display product attributes as separate columns in the table

Previously, you could display most product data such as title, description, price and featured image in the table, but not attributes. You can now include each attribute as a separate column in the product table.

We understand that all WooCommerce websites use product attributes in different ways. To make it applicable to everyone, you can list exactly which attributes are included in each product table. This means that you can display some attributes but not others.

If you have multiple product tables on your website then each one can list different attributes. For example, you might have an e-commerce clothes website with one product table for men’s shirts and another for women’s dresses. The table for men’s clothes can include a ‘Collar Size’ column and the women’s product table can have a column for ‘Dress Size’.

WooCommerce product table with attributes

You can see this in action on the new product attributes page on the plugin demo.

View and select variations directly from the product table

We’ve thought long and hard about the best way to present variable products in the table. There are very few WordPress plugins that support variations, and we don’t think any of them get it right. For example, we saw one plugin that lists each variation as a separate row in the table. This would have been easier for us to develop (!) but I think it’s the lazy option. It takes up a huge amount of space and isn’t a neat solution. Some WooCommerce stores have dozens of variations, so it’s important to keep each product within a single row of the table.

The new version of WooCommerce Product Table can display each variation as a dropdown list alongside the ‘Add to ‘Cart’ button. Customers can select their variations, select the quantity and add to cart cart straight from the product table.

When you select a variation, the actual price for that variation appear under the Add to Cart button. If you’re managing stock for each variation then the stock status or stock level will appear too.

WooCommerce product table variations

If you have more variations than can fit in a table then you don’t have to enable the variations option. By leaving it disabled, the ‘Add to Cart’ button for variable products will change to ‘Select options’. Customers can click through to choose their variations and buy from the single product page.

You can see this in action on the variations page on the demo site for WooCommerce Product Table.

Display attributes and variations as filter dropdowns above the table

If your WooCommerce store has many products then you can help customers find what they want by letting them filter by attribute or variation. The new version of WooCommerce Product Table lets you display filters above the table with dropdowns for attributes, variations, categories or tags.

Adding filters=”true” to the product table shortcode will display all possible filter dropdowns above the table. Alternatively, you can choose which filters appear. For example you may want the product table to include filters for the size attribute but not color.

WooCommerce product table view with attribute filtersYou can see this in action on the new product attributes page on the plugin demo.
WooCommerce product table view plugin

How to get WooCommerce Product Table

We’ll be contacting everyone individually who has requested support for product attributes and variations.

To get WooCommerce Product Table for your own website, simply buy the plugin and start setting it up. Your product table view could be ready within a few minutes!