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New demo! See more WooCommerce product table integrations in action

August 24, 2020

WooCommerce Product Table Integrations Demo

One of the best things about our bestselling WooCommerce Product Table plugin is the sheer number of other plugins you can use it with. As well as our official integrations (for which we guarantee compatibility), we’ve tested with a wide range of other plugins and documented how they work with the product table.

This week, we’ve been working hard on a new demo site where you can test drive other plugins with WooCommerce Product Table.

Launch Demo Full Compatibility List

WooCommerce Product Table
The easy way to list products in your WooCommerce store.

Use the new demo site to test how product tables interact with the following plugins:

Of course, this is just an initial list and we’ll be adding more compatibility demos in future.

What about plugins not shown on the demo?

The WooCommerce Product Table integrations demo only showcases integrations that you can see visually without having to login. For example, we haven’t added any membership or role-based pricing plugins to the WooCommerce Product Table integrations demo because you need an account in order to test these.

If you’d like to know how any login-specific or non-visual plugins work with Woo Product Table, check out our full list of compatible plugins.

Can I use other plugins with WooCommerce Product Table?

Absolutely! With tens of thousands of plugins available, we can’t possibly test them all.

Please let us know if you’re using WooCommerce Product Table with any WordPress plugins that we haven’t listed. We’d love to test them out and add them to the list! Our customers often tell us about new compatibilities we’re not aware of, and we love testing WooCommerce Product Table with new plugins.

I’m a plugin author – can you list my plugin?

We love hearing from fellow plugin authors whose plugins work with WooCommerce Product Table.

Please apply for our plugin compatibility program and we’ll be delighted to test your WP or WC plugin. Maybe it will even end up on our WooCommerce Product Table integrations demo!

Where can I get WooCommerce Product Table?

You can get WooCommerce Product Table on this website. After you’ve installed it, use the list of compatible plugins to decide which plugins to use it with. Next, combine them to add all the features you need.

We’ve also provided dozens of tutorials on how to use WooCommerce Product Table with these other plugins. You’ve got everything you need to create a unique website, perfectly tailored to your requirements.

WooCommerce Product Table
Start growing your sales today with WooCommerce Product Table.

Katie Keith

An active member of the global WordPress community, Barn2 Co-Founder Katie loves collaborating with other plugin companies. Her articles have been published on high profile sites including WPTavern, Torque and IndieHackers. She oversees all plugin support and deals with 'Tier 2' support requests about how to use Barn2's plugins in advanced ways.

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