Use WooCommerce Role Based Pricing with Product Tables

WooCommerce user role based pricing product tableThere are lots of WooCommerce role based pricing plugins which show discounted prices to certain WordPress user groups. But which ones can you use with non-standard store layouts, such as a product table view?

We’ve tested the free WC Role Based Price WooCommerce pricing plugin and can confirm that it works perfectly with our WooCommerce Product Table plugin. I’ll tell you how it works.

WC Role Based Price WooCommerce Product Table

Who needs WooCommerce role based pricing with product tables?

WooCommerce Product Table users often ask us how they can add role-based pricing. They come from all industry sectors. First, let’s look at some popular use cases:

WooCommerce wholesale stores

WooCommerce wholesale plugins

Lots of people use Product Table as a WooCommerce wholesale plugin because it creates a trade-friendly layout with small images and extra product data. It’s ideal for wholesale sites where customers are already familiar with your products and make regular orders with you.

You can use the WC Role Based Price plugin to avoid having to create separate products for public and wholesale users. Simply create a separate wholesale role with the User Role Editor plugin, and add a wholesale price for each product.

You can use product tables throughout your store. Or if you only want to show product table layouts to wholesale users, then you can create a hidden wholesale area (e.g. using a password protected page or membership plugin). Retail customers will see the standard store layouts and prices, whereas wholesale users can view the trade discounts in the wholesale area.

One-page WooCommerce quick order forms

Online restaurant order form

WooCommerce Product Table is perfect for creating a bulk order form. Customers can tick all the products they want, select variations and other types of add-on, and add to the cart in a single click.

If you need to give discounts to specific user roles or groups, then you can do this with the WC Role Based Pricing plugin. Customers will log into your website as normal, and will see the correct discounted price for their user role.

Read our tutorial on how to create a WooCommerce order form.

How it works

WooCommerce role based pricing product table
You can use the WC Role Based Price plugin with WooCommerce Product Table. The table plugin lists your products in a filterable table layout or one-page WooCommerce order form.

Guest users will see the standard product price in the Price column of the table. There will be no indication that other prices are available to other user roles. If you’re set up role based pricing for specific user groups then these user levels will see their discounted price. The main price will be crossed out, showing the discount they are getting.

If your WooCommerce tables include add to cart buttons or checkboxes, then customers can select a quantity and click to buy. The product will be added to the cart with the correct discounted price.

If a particular type of user doesn’t have a discount available, then the full price will be shown to them.

Alternative option – create hidden product categories for each user group

WooCommerce private store login formRole based pricing plugins assume that you have a single version of each product, with different pricing for different user levels.

If you prefer, then you can achieve a similar result using the WooCommerce Password Protected Categories plugin. This plugin lets you create completely separate product categories (each with their own products) and hide them from public view.

Instead of integrating with WordPress user levels, it protects each hidden category with a simple password.

This is a useful alternative if you want separate versions of each product. For example, you’ll need separate products if there will be other differences as well as pricing (e.g. unique SKU’s or descriptions).

Give the password to each user, and they can enter it on the category login page provided by the plugin. On entering a correct password, they will be redirected to the category containing the products for their user group. These products are only visible to people with access to that category. No one else will be able to see the role-specific pricing.

You can use WooCommerce Password Protected Categories with WooCommerce Product Table by adding the table layout to the category archive template. The customer will unlock their hidden category and see the category page with a product table layout.

Set up user role based pricing with product tables

I’ve suggested 2 easy ways to charge different prices to different user groups in WooCommerce. Read about how each one works, and choose the method that’s best for your site.

To set up product tables with role based pricing, you need 2 plugins: WC Role Based Price and WooCommerce Product Table. Install both plugins, follow the instructions in the documentation, and you’re good to go!

WC Role Based Price WooCommerce Product Table