Build a WordPress PDF library with the Posts Table Pro Plugin

December 15, 2020

Create a WordPress PDF library pluginA WordPress PDF library plugin adds a library of downloadable files to a WordPress site. The PDF library can be open for public use, or secured by a password for employee or member access only.

Creating a PDF library in WordPress is simple and easy, thanks to the Posts Table Pro plugin. It lets you add and manage your PDF library straight from the WordPress admin.

It is simple and straightforward to do yourself, and you can customize the library to suit your own needs. Download the WordPress PDF plugin and start building your document library today.

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Why use a WordPress PDF library?

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See it in action! View our document library demo page. 

A WordPress PDF library organizes the PDF files on your WordPress website. This makes it simple to search for individual PDF documents or to browse a comprehensive list of all PDFs.

When it comes to file management, the standard WordPress admin system is often inefficient for the needs of businesses and their users. With a PDF library, WordPress can automatically generate a comprehensive database of downloadable files.

The PDF library plugin lists the documents on the front end for staff and contractors, service users or customers. The PDF library allows users to read the file immediately online, or download it for later.

Here are some popular uses for a WordPress PDF library:

  • Policy knowledge banks
  • Human Resources information
  • Downloadable forms
  • Publications and white papers
  • General information

Benefits of a WordPress PDF plugin

When PDFs are simply uploaded to the WordPress media library, there's no way for users to view them in the front end. They're mixed up with all your other files (images, videos, etc.) and are only accessible for people with access to the WordPress dashboard.

A PDF library plugin for WordPress brings all PDF files onto a single page, formatted in a user-friendly table. They're listed on the front end of your WordPress website, so anyone can view them. (Unless you choose to restrict them to specific people - more on this later.)

The built-in WordPress search isn't capable of reading the content of PDF files. With a WordPress PDF library plugin, you can use extra fields to label your PDF's. Using this data, your users can then search, sort and filter the PDF library to find what they want. For example, you can create custom taxonomies so that users can filter by category, topic etc. You can also use custom fields to store specific information about each PDF such as file size or a unique reference code.

In addition, a WordPress PDF library is a cost-effective, straightforward way to provide access to vital documents. You can save hundreds of forms, resource guides and other PDF files to one central point and all files can be accessed live through the site or downloaded to be used later.

For companies that need to provide information, a public-facing resource library allows for extensive amounts of knowledge to be distributed without taking up huge amounts of space on your web server. For internal business use, PDF document libraries are the ideal way to disseminate information between employees, including forms for employees and links to policy documents.

How to create a PDF library in WordPress

For full step-by-step instructions, please watch the video or see our full tutorial on how to create a WordPress document library. I'll also summarize the main instructions below.

The Posts Table Pro plugin does not automatically add PDFs to the library. Instead, you attach each PDF as a post or custom post type, and add all the information to describe the PDF. Posts Table Pro then takes this data and dynamically displays it as a WordPress PDF library. It comes with extra columns of information, downloadable document links, and more.

You can create as many fields as necessary to describe your documents and make them easy to find. Add plenty of information, including relevant search phrases, document types and other references. The more time you take over uploading and labelling your PDF documents, the better the user experience will be at the front end.

Next, upload the documents, then use the shortcode provided by the Posts Table Pro plugin to create your document library. Depending on the type of PDF documents your library contains, you may wish to create a password protected document library to secure the files and ensure only those authorized for access can read them.

Finally, remember to preview the documents and the library itself before you publish. This is an opportunity to tackle any display or formatting problems before the WordPress PDF library goes live.

What's next?

You can get Posts Table Pro from our website. Once you've installed the plugin, use our document library tutorial to create a fantastic WordPress PDF library for your website.


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