Everything you need to create a professional WooCommerce events manager website.

This Kindle E-Book has been written by Katie Keith, Operations Director at Barn2 Media. It contains expert step-by-step written instructions of how to create the perfect WordPress events site using The Events Calendar plugins and WooCommerce.

The E-Book is called Create a WordPress Course & Event Bookings Website with The Events Calendar & WooCommerce: How to promote & sell your events in less than 1 day – no coding needed! It includes everything you need to know about creating an events website including:

  • What are the Different Types of Events Website?
  • Which Event Plugins Do You Need?
  • Installing and setting up The Events Calendar plugin
  • Creating and displaying events
  • Organizing your events into categories
  • Displaying your events in the sidebar elsewhere on your site
  • Taking bookings for free events
  • Selling tickets for paid events with WooCommerce
  • Managing your bookings

The E-Book is designed to be read on its own, or as a written handbook to accompany our Udemy online course Build a Course & Event Bookings Website with WordPress. The E-Book contains a discount code for the online course.

You can read the E-Book using any Kindle device. If you have another type of mobile device or tablet such as an iPhone, iPad or Android device – or indeed a full-size computer – then you can download the free Kindle app to read it.


Where to buy

The E-Book is available on all the Amazon sites and costs $4.99 (or equivalent depending on your local currency):

  • US – amazon.com
  • UK – amazon.co.uk
  • DE – amazon.de
  • FR – amazon.fr
  • ES – amazon.es
  • DP – amazon.dp
  • NL – amazon.nl
  • IT – amazon.it
  • JP – amazon.jp
  • BR – amazon.br
  • CA – amazon.ca
  • MX – amazon.ms
  • AU – amazon.au
  • IN – amazon.in