The ultimate WordPress table plugin to create instant tables of your website content. Perfect for document libraries, directories, books, music, video, events...and much more!

WooCommerce Product Table Plugin

Create Instant Tables in WordPress

Custom post type support

Use our WordPress sortable table plugin to create tables listing your WordPress posts, pages, products, or any other custom post type registered by your theme or plugins.

Custom fields and taxonomies

Add any custom field or custom taxonomy to your posts table. You can even restrict data to posts with certain field values or terms.

Advanced Custom Fields Support

Fully integrated with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin so you can display all your custom data for any post type.

Featured images

With support for featured images you can display your post thumbnails at any size and in any column.

Media files

Includes full support for WordPress media embeds, including audio and video galleries or media playlists.

Lazy load option

For larger data sets, you can enable AJAX to load your posts one page at a time to reduce server load.

Easy sorting

Use this WordPress sortable table plugin by clicking the column heading to sort your posts. Or choose default ordering and sort direction via the shortcode.

Instant Search

Enter your keywords in the search box and the results update instantly. Enable 'click to search' to turn links into instant search queries.

100% responsive

On mobiles, columns automatically 'fold' and can be expanded to show the data. You can choose which columns take priority with our WordPress responsive table plugin.

Fine grained control

Choose posts by category, tag, ID, post type, status, date, author and custom field value. Exclude posts by category or post ID.

Plugin and theme support

Designed to work with popular plugins such as WooCommerce and WPML, and styled to work with any WordPress theme.

Hugely flexible

Configure the tables to suit your needs: set column widths, default ordering, number or rows per page, exclude post IDs, and more!

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Rated 4.82 out of 5 stars based on 11 customer reviews.

Had all the functionality and looks I needed and more

Setup and customisation (I recommend their video tutorial on creating a members directory) is very easy. Search function and filters are fast and responsive. Their collection of video tutorials is a fantastic bonus (I’ve added tabs to my tables), I’ve bought cheaper options before only to abandon them.

Posts Table Pro is a polished plugin. I’d give this 5+ stars if I could.

Great Plugin, Best Support

Really dynamic and powerful plugin. Nice integration with ACF and Date fields.
Best customer support! Fast reply and very fast response time.

At last a table plugin with a wonderfull GUI

Using custom fields in custom posts plus “posts table pro”, it took half a day to set our members directory on, in our extranet ! Add to that a beautifull man-machine interface, and a very high and efficient reactivity when I asked a question.Please continue on your way of excellence ! I am now thinking of using “posts table pro” for a gallery of documents and/or a video gallery.

Great plugin that saved me a ton of time!

We’re using this plugin to create a database of our members expertise in various fields so that people can search for members with particular skills, experience or knowledge. Being able to purchase this plugin literally saved me dozens and dozens, if not hundreds of hours trying to create something similar from the ground up. Really awesome plugin. Easy install, easy setup. Thank you!

Exactly what I was looking for

Posts Table Pro was the perfect solution in displaying our events in table view. Our previous table view display did not allow much customization when it came to our columns and filters. With Posts Table Pro, we’ve been able to fully customize our columns and filters and can now provide our customer base a better experience when they’re searching for their events.

Another highlight about the plugin is the company that created it. Barn 2 Media was always quick to respond if I ever had a question or needed to better understand how to set something up.

If you’re considering this plugin, I highly recommend it!

Perfect product for my application

PTP was the perfect solution for an audio database project that I was working on. It allowed me to quickly and easily create a searchable database that I can add a large amount of audio files to.

The plugin is a bit on the expensive side for what I’m typically willing to spend, but PTP is more than worth it and the support is absolutely top notch. I had an issue that was specific to my site and Katie solved the issue very fast. Well worth the money.

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How does the WordPress table plugin work?

It provides a shortcode which you can insert into any page, post or widget. The shortcode displays your content in a searchable, sortable data table. There are various options which you can use to control how the table works. We provide extensive documentation on how to set up the shortcode, and if you need more help you can always contact us.

Does the table WordPress plugin create custom post types, pages, taxonomies etc.?

Posts Table Pro doesn't change the way in which you create content in WordPress. If you want to display content such as custom post types or taxonomies, you will need to set them up beforehand and then use the post type or taxonomy in the shortcode.

Does it work with e-commerce plugins?

Yes, you can use the WordPress table plugin to display products or other data from e-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce, WP eCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

If you use WooCommerce then our dedicated WooCommerce Product Table plugin may be better suited to you.

Which columns can I display in my table?

You can choose from any of the following: id, title, image, content, excerpt, date, author, tags, categories, status, custom taxonomies, and any custom field. You can use these columns to display various multimedia content such as embedded audio or video.

Can I select (or exclude) which categories are displayed?

Yes, you can choose to show one or more categories in your table using the ‘category’ option, or you can exclude a category (or several categories) using the ‘exclude_category’ option.

Does it work with Users?

No, as Users are not a post type in WordPress. If you want to display people in your data tables (e.g. for a staff directory) then you can create a post type (e.g. 'Staff') and add the data there instead.

Can I customise the table column headings?

Yes! The table plugin lets you set a custom heading for some or all of the columns in the table.

Can I try it for free?

There's a free version of our WordPress table plugin which you can download free from - Posts Table with Search & Sort. This displays standard WordPress posts in a HTML table. If you need to display other content such as custom posts, taxonomies or pages then you will need Posts Table Pro.

Do I have to pay every year?

You’re buying a plugin product from us, but it comes backed by our service: we work to continually add new features, important security updates, and efficient customer support. We thus use annual subscriptions to ensure we can continue bringing these benefits to you.

You’ll be charged automatically once a year, but we’ll remind you before this happens – and you can of course, cancel any time. If your license expires, you can keep using the plugin but won't receive any more support or updates. (We’ll keep your licence active until the end of your current billing cycle, so you always get what you’ve paid for.)

Will it work with my theme?

We have tested the WordPress table plugin with a range of free and premium themes and are confident it will look great with your theme. The tables use your existing fonts and we have styled the other elements (buttons, pagination etc.) to look good with most themes.

If you want to style the tables in a more specific way then you can apply your own CSS or contact us for a recommendation.

Which languages are supported?

Currently, the table supports English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Swedish and Norwegian. We hope to add more languages soon. If you're interested in contributing a new translation for the plugin, please get in touch.

Which version of WordPress is supported?

The table plugin is fully tested with the latest version of WordPress. We always recommend running the most up-to-date version of WordPress, but we also support on older installations:

WordPress - 4.1 and up (tested to 4.9.6)
PHP - 5.2.6 and up (PHP 7.2 compatible)

Posts Table Pro Screenshots

These screenshots show some of the different uses of the WordPress table plugin. The exact styling will depend on your theme.

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