WooCommerce Custom Add to Cart Button PluginWooCommerce Custom Add To Cart is a free WordPress plugin to change the WooCommerce cart button text and add an icon. You can use it to change or remove the add to cart text, or add a WooCommerce cart icon to the button.

A few example uses:

  • You’re using WooCommerce as a quote system and need to change the button text to ‘Add to quote’.
  • You’re using WooCommerce to sell courses or events, and want to reword the add to cart text to ‘Enrol now’ or ‘Take this course’.
  • Or perhaps you’d rather have something more punchy like ‘Buy Now’.

You can add a cart icon to the buttons, or replace the text completely and just show a cart icon.

The custom add to cart button plugin works perfectly with our bestselling WooCommerce Product Table plugin. For example, you can use them together to create a WooCommerce order form with cart icons.

The plugin is fully accessible Рif you choose to display just the cart icon, the text is still present in the HTML and can be read by screen readers.

All the plugin settings can be accessed from the WordPress Customizer under the WooCommerce > Add to Cart Buttons panel.

Please see the WordPress.org plugin page for more information.

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