Our wholesale plugin WooCommerce Password Protected Categories is the easy way to protect your WooCommerce product categories. Perfect for wholesale areas, client-specific products & more...

Create a private area for each client

Do you sell unique products for specific clients, and want each client to see only their products? With the WooCommerce hide categories plugin, you can create a password protected category for each client. The central login page will direct each customer to their hidden category.

Create a WooCommerce wholesale area

With our wholesale plugin WooCommerce Password Protected Categories, you can create an area for trade clients. You can add a private WooCommerce wholesale area accessible only to those with the password. No need to build a separate wholesale shop or provide extra logins.

Add hidden products for your members

Do you run a membership service or online courses and want a simple way to protect products? With our WooCommerce hide products plugin, you can create a password protected category and give the password(s) to members. No one else can see the hidden products.

Easy Password Protection

With this WooCommerce hide product plugin you can password protect one or more of your categories with a unique password (or passwords). Products in those categories are also protected.

Create Private Categories

Make shop categories completely private so they're only visible to Administrators or Shop Managers, just like private blog posts.

Customer login page

Customers can login from a single page or sidebar. WooCommerce Password Protected Categories will direct the user to the relevant category, based on the password entered.

Hide from your public store

With our WooCommerce hide categories plugin, you can (optionally) hide your password protected categories, and their products, so they can only be accessed if you have the direct link.

Hidden from navigation menus

Optionally hide password protected categories from your navigation menus and widgets. Private categories are always hidden.

Easy for customers to use

One major feature of our wholesale plugin for WooCommerce is once a customer enters a password, all products in that category are automatically unlocked - no need to enter it for each product!

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Current version: 1.5.3. Updated 3 February 2017

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How does the plugin work?

It provides a 'Visibility' option for each category (similar to that for posts and pages) allowing you to set the visibility to Public, Password Protected or Private. If you select 'Password Protected', you can type a password which the user will have to enter in order to view that category. View the plugin demo to see it in action.

Is this different to making an individual product password protected?

Until now, you could only set the visibility for an individual product using the 'Visibility' option when you edit that product. WooCommerce Password Protected Categories allows you to password protect (or make private) and entire category in one go. Not only does this save time, it's a more complete solution than having to password protect every product.

The category page itself is also locked down and the correct password is needed to unlock it.

How does the password protection work?

If you password protect a WooCommerce category, it will lock down the whole category and any products within that category. Users will need to enter a correct password in order to view the category page, or any individual products within that category. Each category can have one or more unique passwords and you can protect as many categories as you like.

Once a correct password has been entered for a category, it will 'unlock' that category so that the category page itself and any products within the category become visible and can be purchased.

Can I hide password protected categories from my shop?

By default, password protected categories and products are listed in your store, but your customers will need to enter the correct password in order to access them.

If you'd prefer to completely hide password protected categories (and their products) from your shop, untick the Show protected categories & products option on the plugin settings page (the settings page can be found at WooCommerce -> Settings -> Products -> Password Protected Categories). Protected categories are then hidden from your main store, and also in other locations such as related products and sidebar widgets.

You can also control whether password protected categories appear in your navigation menus. If you untick the Show protected categories & products in navigation menus option, any protected categories will be removed from your menu. This includes your main menu and other locations, such as in the sidebar or footer.

If you untick both options, the only way the customer can find the protected category is if they have the direct link to it.

Can I prefix the title of protected categories, like WordPress does for protected and private posts?

Yes! Go to the plugin settings under WooCommerce -> Settings -> Products -> Password Protected Categories and tick Prefix names of protected categories.

Password protected categories will be prefixed "Protected: " and private categories marked "Private: ". E.g. a private category called "Secret Products" would become "Private: Secret Products".

Can I have more than one password for each category?

Yes, you can enter multiple passwords for each category. Simply click the plus or minus icons to add/remove passwords when you create them on the Product Categories page. If any correct password is entered by the user, the product category will be 'unlocked'.

Does it work with sub-categories?

Yes, the plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce sub-categories. Say you password protect a parent category. In this case, all sub-categories will automatically inherit the password protection of the parent category. Similarly all products in the sub-categories will also be password protected.

This means if you have a complex category structure, you don't have to go through and make each sub-category password protected - just set the parent category and you're good to go.

How do private categories work?

Private categories are similar to private posts or products. They are completely hidden from your store unless the user is logged in as an Administrator or Shop Manager. All products within a private category are also hidden from your store, as well as in navigation menus.

Once the user has logged in with the appropriate role, they can view all Private categories and any products in those categories.

What if my product is in more than one category?

WooCommerce Password Protect Category takes a secure approach where possible. If your product is in two categories - one public and one password protected, the product will still be password protected, even if accessed from the public category.

Will it work with my theme?

We have tested the plugin thoroughly with a variety of free and premium themes and are confident it will work with your theme. If you're using a theme that supports WooCommerce (i.e. includes its own WooCommerce templates), then the plugin will work great as long as it uses the standard WooCommerce 'hooks' in its template files. Most - if not all - WooCommerce themes use these hooks so there shouldn't be a problem. In rare cases some of these hooks could be missing (e.g. if you have a heavily customised theme). In this case the best thing to do is contact us beforehand and we can advise whether your theme is supported.

What if I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your annual payment then the plugin will continue working when your license expires, but you will no longer be able to receive plugin updates, new features or support.

Which versions of WooCommerce and WordPress are supported?

The plugin is fully integrated and tested with the latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress.

WooCommerce - 2.4 and above
WordPress - 4.1 and above
PHP - 5.2.6 and above

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