What Should a WordPress Website Cost?

Codeable have produced a fantastic infographic collating typical costs for designing and developing different types of WordPress website. We have shared this with you below.

Codeable are in a good position to know what WordPress websites cost because rather than being a single ageny, they bring together WordPress experts from across the world, who bid for developing various types of website. They see a full cross section of WordPress projects and what they all cost, and have used their insights to produce this infographic. You can find out more on the Codeable website.

I found the infographic really interesting. As well as the price information, it lists a lot of the tasks involved in developing a professional WordPress website. This breakdown is useful because a lot of clients don’t understand what’s truly involved. We’ll use this to improve our own web design quotes. We can do this by providing better information about exactly what’s included in the price.

How Barn2 Media’s prices compare

Our standard web design prices are generally a bit cheaper than the average WordPress website. Our MySimpleSite affordable web design service is significantly cheaper than the infographic. This isn’t surprising but the great thing is that in most ways, a MySimpleSite is just as good as a more expensive website. It’s just much more efficient for us to develop as we’ve made the major design decisions in advance.

The infographic shows the rate for a traditional WordPress agency and involves multiple professionals – designers, copywriters, WordPress developers etc. As a virtual agency, we provide all the skills and expertise that you need. But without the agency price tag. Please get in touch for a cost-effective, affordable WordPress website.