The best 2013 WordPress WooCommerce themes for furniture websites

Published on: Updated: March 26, 2018

There aren’t many furniture WordPress WooCommerce themes designed specifically for e-commerce websites selling furniture online. This is surprising given that nearly 2 million websites use WooCommerce, according to the latest WooCommerce stats for 2017. We’ve tried and tested some of the best WordPress¬†WooCommerce themes and found some that are a great fit for furniture websites.

Even better, all the themes featured below are fully responsive designs, so they’ll look great on mobile devices and different screen sizes.

MayaShop – Highly flexible responsive WordPress WooCommerce theme

MayaShop - WordPress WooCommerce theme ideal for furniture websites

MayaShop is one of the most popular WordPress WooCommerce themes at the moment and is already used on over 5,000 websites worldwide. You can also use it with Jigoshop.

It’s a sophisticated yet minimalist and modern design. There’s a wide range of background colours and textures, including several wood designs. This makes it ideal for furniture e-commerce websites. Click the pencil icon on the left to experiment with the theme options.

The design is slightly feminine without being over the top, so I think MayaShop will work well for WordPress WooCommerce online shops that specialise in bespoke or handcrafted furniture.

MayaShop is a particularly flexible WordPress WooCommerce theme. It has a huge choice of image slideshows and homepage layouts all integrated with WooCommerce, allowing you to showcase your furniture in the best possible way.

Cheope – Responsive WordPress WooCommerce theme ideal for furniture companies

Cheope is another great responsive WordPress theme with styling for WooCommerce. Like MayaShop, it is sophisticated and modern, with a choice of background patterns including wooden patterns ideal for furniture websites.

Cheope advertises itself as being fully brandable, allowing you to customise it to suit your business. It has a choice of 8 sliders and some nice extra features such as zoomable products, so it’s easy to use this WordPress WooCommerce theme to make your furniture website look great.

Impulse – Modern and minimalist responsive WordPress WooCommerce theme

Minimalist WordPress WooCommerce theme for furniture e-commerce site

The Impulse WordPress WooCommerce theme is much more minimalist than MayaShop and Cheope. Released just one month ago, you can be one of the first e-commerce websites with this theme.

With a big choice of background options and unlimited colour options, Impulse is very customisable and flexible.

Impulse is a bold, masculine design and would work perfectly for sturdy furniture designs as well as rustic and modern furniture.

Sommerce Shop – Classic responsive WordPress WooCommerce theme suitable for furniture websites

WordPress WooCommerce theme for furniture e-commerce websites

Sommerce Shop is a more classic design than the other WordPress WooCommerce themes features here. Released in 2011, it is also slightly older although it’s still actively supported (at the time of writing, the last update was just 3 weeks ago) and is definitely worth considering. You can use it with either Jigoshop or WooCommerce.

Sommerce Shop has a huge choice of layout options and skins, giving you full control over how to present your website content and products.

As a WordPress web designer, I think the boxed design is slightly old fashioned although lots of people still like this style of website. Personally I would set up this WordPress WooCommerce theme as follows:

  1. Click the pencil icon on the left of the theme preview
  2. Choose the brown header colour, which will work well for furniture websites
  3. Change the layout to ‘Stretched’ to make it more modern

The best WordPress WooCommerce theme for furniture websites?

The above themes are all good, which is why I’ve featured them in this article. Overall, I would go for¬†MayaShop due to its winning combination of stylish, modern design and its range of layouts and styling options.

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